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Marie Mirbach (she/her)
Psychotherapist and Couples Therapist

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Marie sees clients in-person and online  Mondays between 2 - 9 PM

My name is Marie Mirbach, and I grew up along the river Ruhr in Germany. After many years of searching for my Self and purposeful life, I found psychotherapy in Australia. During my integrative psychotherapy degree, I lived on an agroecological farm where I deeply realised the interconnectedness of all things. Like nature, I realise that we too are an ever-emerging process, and we can continue to uncover and cultivate ourselves.

I was very disconnected from my body and often felt incredibly lonely, and recovering from an eating disorder made me realise the potential of every human being. I became passionate about helping people build integral connections with themselves and happier relationships with others. What I love about integrative psychotherapy is that it recognises people’s uniqueness and invites us, therapists, into a flexible and creative way of thinking to tailor the therapeutic approach to each individual.

In the therapy room, I am guided foremost by curiosity to understand what it is like to be you, and we explore how you have become the unique person you are. Together we weave the fabric of self-understanding and create a pathway towards your desires, wishes and goals.


I am passionate about supporting teens, adults and couples in their journey. Informed by humanistic values and clinical theories and guided by what emerges in the present moment, I help you build tools and draw on inner and outer resources to create greater well-being. Let us bring forth what is already within you.

I now live in countryside Victoria, where I recharge with community and pockets of wilderness. Besides reading and gardening, I engage in movement and embodied practices such as dance, Yoga and Qui Gong. I enjoy creative outlets like painting, pottery and cooking. It’s an absolute honour and the greatest pleasure to come to the city to support people at Numina.


Training & Education

  • 2023 - Emotional Focused Therapy  for Couples - EFTTA

  • 2023: Certificate in Sensorimotor Art-Therapy (Institute of Sensorimotor Art Therapy, current)

  • 2022: Bachelor of Integrative Psychotherapy and Counselling (Ikon Institute)

  • 2022: Gottman Method Couples Therapy Lv1 (Relationship Institute Australasia)

  • 2022: Assessment and CBT-E treatment of adults and adolescents with Eating Disorders (EDTA)

  • 2022: Focusing Lv1 (Biliana Dearly)

  • 2020: Foundations of Integral Sound Healing (Sound Healing Academy)

  • 2019: Reiki Okuden 

  • 2018: 500h Yoga Teacher Training (Vinyasa Yoga School, Rishikesh

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