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Offering online sessions worldwide.

In-person sessions from Carlton-North, Victoria.

We offer therapy in English, Italian, French and Spanish.

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Individual - 50 min

In-person or online

$ 150


Couples - 50 min

In-person or online

$ 200


Unfortunately, psychotherapy and counselling isn't offered via Medicare Rebate.

Instead, at Numina we offers rebates under a range of private health care insurers.

Please be aware that the above prices don't differ greatly from

the general gap paid when visiting an allied health professional with a mental health care plan.

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Book a FREE 15-minute consult call to discuss any queries you still might have.
During our call, you will be invited to share the reason/s you are seeking therapy, and we will make sure we are the right therapist for you.

In some rare cases, if particular expertise is needed, I will refer clients to another practitioner.

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