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Whether you are experiencing difficulties in your relationship, with your family, at your workplace or in the way you relate to yourself, psychotherapy can support you to live a fuller life.

Irene offers Integrative Attachment Therapy, a model that can help you with attachment disturbances

I am Irene, founder of Numina Clinic and psychotherapist now practising in Integrative Psychology. I have extensive training in the integrative approach to psychotherapy and more than a decade of expertise in practising and teaching yoga and bodywork. I work with awareness of both body and mind to support you in achieving your desired outcomes. I offer therapy in different languages and are passionate about supporting individuals and couples in their personal journeys.

I believe that psychotherapy is "gentle activism"; it creates better interpersonal connections, fostering a more harmonious world. For me, psychotherapy is the most rewarding profession. Seeing people flourish in their experience of life and become who they want to be gives us a deep sense of integrity.


We offer therapy in English, Italian, French and Spanish.

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How do we work?

Individualised treatment in the container of a therapeutic relationship


At Numina, we uphold the notion that every person is truly unique in who they are, and my practice moves away from the one-size-fits-all approach to therapy.

Instead, I see people for their uniqueness, bearing in mind the close ties between the body and mind.

I draw on theories from a vast array of models to account for variables that can be missed in many clinical approaches to therapy.




At Numina, many of us have lived in different countries over the course of our life, We have experienced first-hand the impact that culture and socio-economic background can have on our sense of belonging, and our understanding of ourselves and others.

In our practice we adopt a gender-sensitive and multicultural approach, welcoming clients from all walks of life.



We take a gentle person-centred stance and I approach each client with curiosity and presence, to better understand the nature of your particular concerns.

Together, we work collaboratively to create a treatment plan that ensures each of your needs is met and we move at a pace that works for you.
We hope to facilitate a safe environment that evokes your natural capacities for healing and growth.

Snack Time
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What can we help you with?


INTEGRATIVE PSYCHOTHERAPY - We can help with a variety of symptoms

  • Symptoms of anxiety and/or depression

  • Navigating relationship issues

  • Attachment style and repair

  • Navigating significant life transitions (change of work, country, relationship, and more)

  • Grief and loss

  • Racial and Migration issues

  • Dealing with stress, anger, self-esteem issues, social isolation/anxiety

  • Overcoming a history of trauma, PTSD and C-PTSD

  • Navigating lifestyle issues, such as reduced quality of life due to illness or undesired coping mechanisms

  • Personal development and growth

  • Undo influence and high control group

  • Improving your relationship or receiving support in de-coupling


  • Irene is a qualified IAT practitioner who helps people with attachment disturbances through the three-pillar approach to attachment repair.

Moreover, we offer therapy in 4 languages, English, Italian, Spanish & French.

In an ever-changing, at times unstable and chaotic world, a therapeutic relationship can offer deep stability.

Potential Outcomes



  • Living life more true to who you are

  • Letting go of burdens that you may have been carrying for years, so that you can live a fuller life

  • Becoming closer to the people you love and creating meaningful relationships

  • Feeling that you belong, love and are loved

  • Reclaiming a vibrant life after years of difficulty and stagnation

  • Making the changes at work and in your life that you have always desired

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Book a FREE 15 minute consult call to discuss any queries
During our call, you will be invited to share the reason/s you are seeking therapy, and we will make sure we are the right therapist for you.

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